Judge Nicholas Brown QC on Sex Texting


…..when we loosen our sheep from the flock, so they are devoured by wolves.” Proverb.

Sitting infront of the radio tonight after a hard day’s judiciary I came across a torrid sex case. It is a case familiar to me. A teacher was sentenced to two years suspended after conducting an affair with a school pupil. Now this was no normal  affair. For this teacher sent this youngish boy of 14, 205 sextual messages of the vilest candour, the dirtiest obscenity, the jiminiest snoffting to ever have crossed the radiographic ocean.

I devoured each line, each smutty innuendo, word by filthy word slumped in my bed one night last week. Line after depraved, like, “I urge you to put your faith in my womb.” “Spill thy blood on my cross Christopher, that I may come into thine holy love.” “My soul rages in the night. I tremble when I feel your mercy.”

The depravity of it. Yesterday I spoke to the officiating judge, a friend of mine, Mr Kenneth Everett, about the case. While he is a noble man, Everett is far too soft for cases like these. Says he to I, “Nick, what could I have done? If I had given her 62 years as you suggest there would have been a public outcry.”

“Nonsense,” says I.“No sentence would have been too lenient for this nymphet. I would have flayed her with the rod of vengeance. Think of the child man! The agonies he must have passed through receiving these messages.  He must’ve been in hell. For God’s sake you yourself told me that one of the messages explicitly exhorted the boy to ‘touch her!”

Now readers know that i am not one to speak out of turn. For as I preach, so I practise. Only last month I put another teacher into the sexual register for peddling filth through text messages.

Kim Philby (we shall call him) a teacher from Windsor, had sent filth of such unavailing scum-diggery that I gave him a life sentence. I extract the passage this man was sexting tudents.

O Rose, thou art sick! (Vile stuff already!)

The invisible worm

That flies in the night, (Dear God has this man no humanity?)

In the howling storm,

Has found out thy bed (Oh by God I falter. Give me strength)

Of crimson joy:

And his dark secret love

Does thy life destroy.

I choke, I retch! I vomit.

What sadist would teach a child, a mere chit of a child, this lust-filled pornography? My mind fills with great urges, oh oh…..pass me the sexual register, quick, quick!


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