Letter from John Claude Rogerman III II


Dear Mr Jobs

It is with great world weariness and tears in my eyes that I learn of the mighty fraud you have perpetrated against me and my kin. O Mr Jobs I thought you to be in an honourable man, of lineage Jobs, that I could trust and rely. Why did you not tell me that you are die???!!!

Your death is make me cast aspersiopns on that great and benevolent character that I was told of you Sir, peace be upon our mighty Lord Jesus of Allah. Despite your wilful actus of neglectus and many crazily antics against your remployees I always defended you to the hilt of the knife, and said that you were good man. But Sir I never knew you would do this and be dead!!!!

Yes Sir sometime now I think you are most unworthy suitor for the Rogerman clan it seem for to die is the greatest fraud to perpetrate in this life!

But never mind. In my country we have a words– it say ‘let bygones be a bygone,’ transl. “Mungabapee!!!!”

Therefore, sir, I would like present to you with another (LAST) one final chance for redeem and true– please could you to transfer the sum of 30billion pounds (700 trillion dollar) into the bank account of my wife, Lesley M Rogerman, born Jennifer Alfred Faith Raperman, in that my family is currently reside in a hole in Iraq and are very starving and will soon lose one and only trusting transport of Jeep and gold taps which we are use to run the asses milk. My wife, Barbara, is now reside in the grand state of Texas where she is lay with that filthy devil George Bush Jr who stole all of my monies to the sum of 71 trillion US dollars (61,000) which he invested in propartah.

Thank and kindly sinceritude

Jon Claude Rogersman III, Apple Country


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