Tweets of support from Stephen Fry

19 Sep  @Jailpoet My boy, I hear you have tried to contact me…..
19 Sep @Jailpoet How are you my little bottomwinkle? What’s up….
19 Sep @Jailpoet Charlie my little winkletinkle how goes? Sorry delay, v busy. Tonight receiving some insufferable technoaward.Dull, dull, dull
21 Sep @Jailpoet Charlie my little jerkrag, how are you? Sorry for delayed, am cloud computer gaming… buzz, beep, kill kill
23 Sep @Jailpoet Poohsticks! Have you checked green lights at front of modem? I find if you turn setbox off for two minutes usually works.
23 Sep  @Jailpoet Charlie, my little Gremlin face. Great news- All Souls honoring me with honorary fellowship. Plus new…
25 Sep @Jailpoet Charlie…Shakespeare Awards this evening…am being honoured…hope you’re well….enough to watch it….not too late…SF
2 Oct @Jailpoet Charlie, words limited….leaving England, won’t come back….until 17th, flying easyjet….nervous, hate flying…Charlie, SF
5 Oct @Jailpoet Charlie…back..bad, stiff as board..seized up en route..stopped plane off flight, how fares…are non-refundable, arsewipes

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