Tributes from the Army

Baron of Castleshort

1. You are such a cnut it’s incredible.

2. You dull, dull, dull insignificant thing. You are without value or talent. Sad they didn’t hang you.

3. You idiot.


More! More! This is unintentionally hilarious!

James Shortt

I hope you’re arsse gets stretched you over privileged buffoon!

What you did at the Cenotaph is beyond reproach you sniveling weasel. I would take great pleasure in watching you attempt that again on Remembrance Day.

Rot in prison servicing other inmates intimate needs.

Josh 2.0

Looks like Josh is your butt-buddy, watch your back Chaz! Personally I think if you had your back doors kicked in it would do you good. I’m writing to your cell mate at the moment, can’t wait to see what he thinks of your musings! Rofl!


Yayyy, daddy paid for my entire life so I don’t know how to value things. Let’s go trash the whole fucking world…. You cretinous turd. It just makes it worse that it’s had members such as Cameron and Boris Johnson, people who are now in postitions of power and still haven’t grown up to see the real world. Living in your faux-upper class fantasy land buying your way through with daddys achievements and bank account.

When will you ever do something worth remembering?


Aw, you don’t like it in jail? Don’t do drugs anymore then, you cunt. I hope someone uses you as a fucking condom


1. You’re a stupid little twat and nobody wants to read your shite. Stop trying to act like Oscar fucking Wilde and get over yourself. You were made to look a cunt infront of the whole world and you will only ever be known for swinging on that flag….. and tarnishing your step-father’s name.


There’s no place for you in history you spoilt brat. You were in the papers for a day because you acted like a pillock, end of. You’ve got 16 followers on Twitter for fucks sake and 14 of them probably just want to laugh at you, what a revolution that’s going to be when you get out. I’ll put down your revolt myself you little no mark.


Hi Charlie,

Can you post some pictures of the wire animals please? I’d much rather look at them than read your hilariously pretentious and INSIGNIFICANT wafflings.

Thanks in advance!


Let people say……… lies a guilty soul, a shameless soul, a recalcitrant soul.
Frankly, whatever your soul is or isn’t Charlie, is of little interest to me. Your puny body however, is incarcerated with the rest of society’s dregs, which pleases my soul no end.

Sebastian Smith

1. so a gent, that has swam 140miles in the thames in eight days for charity and has netted so far over £1m.. from his own hard work is wrong??

what would you do then ??

2. are you for real?


You’re scum. You deserve to be in prison, after your escapades involving the cenotaph.

I hope you get raped.


5′x5′ cell? Bollox! So it’s so small you can’t even lie down? I hope Daz finds out what you write about him. You over privledged berk

Rabid chihuahua

“I am locked up for 16 months in Wandsworth Jail. To commemorate this period in my life I am writing the following diary. O woe is me who believes this. Am I dumb or are you stupid? History shall be my judge.”

Wow, is that really you, Charlie? I’m star-struck! Can I have an autograph? I feel it will fetch a fair penny in years to come when history judges you to be a unjustly incarcerated martyr who fought the system and won the admiration of a generation!
and to answer your conceited question; dumb, you fucking no mark



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