Letter from Ross Kemp

Hi Charlieboy

Just thought I’d write while I’ve got a few seconds. You probably know me from my Gangs programme, or my book ‘Mein Kempf.’ Anyway as I’ve said I’ve also done some acting, TV, stage, panto, film, comedy and drama. You name it I’ve done it. But my main love is the army. I’ve been in and around armed forces and guns all my life Charlie. Anyway, thought I’d write to tell you that what you did was hideous and disgusting and if you were anyone else I’d probably not even spit on you if you were on fire.

But you come from good stock Charlie boy. What can I say. I’ve always loved a bit of the Floyd. Ol’ Pink. Top boys. “We don’t need no education.” Top lyric. Bit of a wordsmith your old man. Anyway I’d hate you with every bone in my body if it was anyone else.

Sorry Charlie, just a sec I need to take a bite of this egg sandwich. That’s better.

Well as I was saying was that what you did was so vile and disgusting that in theory they should’ve killed you. But that would’ve been insane. Because you’re better than that. I’ve been around the jails in my TV programme “Kemp on Jails” and I know all about the kind of scum inside. Nasty subhuman scum.

Hold on Charlie just taking another bite of the egg sa…O for F*KS sake it’s all over my face! TW*T

I’d better go. I’m filming my new drama, “An Englishman in Libya.”

I’ve sent you a copy of Bravo Two Zero in the post. Read it carefully Charlie, its all you need in life.



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